Банкарски зајмови ће вам олакшати притисак на улагања у фотонапонску енергију

The list of energy-efficient products is public and can be found on the EBRD website ( https://www.ebrd.com/ineligible-entities.html ) , and the invoice is proof of exactly what was purchased.
By purchasing energy-efficient products, our clients will reduce household costs, improve living comfort, increase the value of their real estate, and in a few years save on energy costs and recover the invested funds.
The main benefit for the client is the approval of a financial incentive in the amount of 15% – 20% of the amount of the loan for energy efficiency or the investment cost of the project, the returned funds have no purpose, the client can use them for early repayment of part of the loan if he wishes, and the percentage of the incentive is:

  • 15% if the client buys one or more products from the same category (eg windows and doors)
  • 20% if the client buys two or more products from different categories (eg windows and gas boiler).

Installation costs (additional accompanying costs) can also be covered from the loan, whereby the financial incentive is calculated on the entire amount. The client can finance the entire investment with an energy efficiency loan.

The technical instruction, Acceptable technologies according to GEFF (Green Economy Financing Facility) provides the maximum percentage of additional auxiliary costs, which directly depends on the type of product being installed.

Phases of realization of loans for energy efficiency:

  • The client downloads the Certificate number on the EBRD website ( www.ebrdgeff.com/serbia )
  • The client receives the proforma invoice from the seller (our company issues a proforma invoice)
  • Printing of the Certificate from the website based on the number of the Certificate
  • Financial documentation from the bank (average salary and calculation of creditworthiness)
  • Filling out Form C-3A
  • Payment of the financial incentive to the credit user’s account

The elements that the Proforma Invoice must contain are:

  • Name of technology, manufacturer, type of product and price
  • Additional accompanying costs for additional equipment / materials related to products that are eligible for financing are listed in the technical instruction – Acceptable technologies for GEFF
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